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What is 'Writing on the Walls'?

Writing on the Walls is a creative writing program committed to publishing youth voice in immersive art exhibitions. This program initially launched in 2020, created in response to Read Fort Worth's goal to get 100% of 3rd graders on reading level by 2025: 100x25. This program has since evolved into a dynamic vehicle through which learners ignite their literacy skills while forging relevant and meaningful educational pathways forward.

Writing on the Walls has two goals:

  1. Create equitable opportunities youth to share their voices, thereby prioritizing young writers in underserved communities, and;
  2. Increase K-12 literacy skills, thereby positively affecting third-grade reading levels and beyond

While our approach is whimsical as we harness childlike wonder and design curricula around such curiosity, our methods are grounded in best practices for learning.

We envision youth who are supported to write freely and honestly across all pockets of the universe.

How do we do this?

The Writing on the Walls program is student-led and incorporates coaching with emergent learning. Students who may struggle with writing are encouraged to develop the confidence necessary for the next stage of their academic journeys. Rather than tests and grades, our focus is on building critical thinking, self-esteem, and communication skills in a fun, judgment-free environment.

Youth are encouraged to hone their voices by trained coaches and tutors who support reticent or resistant writers. Creativity and curiosity is at the helm of our program: we ignite, nourish, and fan the flames of creativity and curiosity to help students develop stories, poetry, and content that reflects who they are and what they want for themselves and their communities.

We feel that it is critical for this program to offer students the opportunity to be published and partake in bigger conversations within their communities and beyond. This element connects the power of writing to the lives of youth in tangible ways.

What does publication look like?

We celebrate the voices and visions of our program participants through publication in an art exhibition using various mediums, including written and digital publications, film, and art. This multi-media approach helps us ensure that all program participants' voices are celebrated through avenues that resonate with each individual.

In addition to exploring one's creativity through the art-making process, these exhibitions serve as the pulse of our young writers – capturing their feelings, ideas, experiences, and visions for their futures. With their words featured on the walls of local art venues, businesses, and beyond, the entire community can participate in a broader conversation about the needs of our youth, their ingenuity, and how we can join forces to create solutions.

We believe that there is no better way to change the trajectory of our youth than to put them in charge of their path.


Who we've partnered with:

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And we want to partner with you, too.

If you are interested in bringing Writing on the Walls to your summer programming, please complete the following form.*


*Please note: due to limited capacity, priority will be given to Fort Worth zip codes serving historically under-resourced communities.