Carlson's Pirates! 2 Fourth Grade Set & Props Crew Presents

Captain's Cure-All Recipes

Canned Cure-All Recipes

For Buckaneers Navigating Particularly Salty Seas

The 4th Grade Set Design team worked hard on more than just building props—they built an entire collection of Cure-Alls! Every 4th-grade student who completed this project was sent home with the completed product, each can containing their uniquely curated recipe.



Feeling lost at sea? A wee bit o’ scurvy got ya down? maybe yer sufferin’ from “The Itch”?

Avast, ye hearties! This Captain’s Cure-all is sure to put the wind back in yer sails!

Whether you’ve lost yer Arr’s or need a quick Pirate pick-me-up, you’ll find pure gold (metaphorically speaking, of course) inside each can.

Get yours before the loot’s all pillaged!


Please enjoy perusing the completed recipes below and keep yer glass eye shined and ready to spot these talented young writers in action!

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