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Where youth create worlds with words.

Writing enables us to transform internal experiences into external channels for connection, liberation, and awakening. The act of writing well affords us opportunities to shape our futures with intention and harness our voices for positive change.

Worth Writing's programs are designed for eager, reticent, and even resistant young writers, and every project culminates in publication. Whether featured in an immersive art show or as a provocative podcast, Worth Writing boldly shares student stories and supports each student's unique talents and skills.

Our programs aim to bridge evidence-based writing instruction with a little bit of whimsy, transforming environments and building confidence one student—and one word—at a time.


Why, with these Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious programs of course!

Writing on the Walls

This creative writing program culminates in publication for every participant through an immersive, interactive art exhibition. Through this program, we are able to amplify student voices AND local emerging artists.

Summer WOTW

After School

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Got homework?

We currently have the capacity to directly serve small groups of students after school through coaching and writing programs.

Have more students that you'd like to serve? Connect with us to learn how we help schools, organizations, and youth-serving professionals implement after-school writing programs that naturally cultivate creativity and destigmatize tutoring.


Know some resistant writers who think writing is boring? You might try writing about boogers. Supporting shy writers with a lot to say? We can design alter egos with superpowers.

Our workshops transform relationships to writing...one story at a time.

After School - color

From College to Callings

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We're here to help students write themselves forward.

From personal statements and scholarship essays to resumes and social media, programs are created to help launch young writers into the field of their dreams.

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And we want to work with you, too.

A strong community is one that creates environments in which youth and those who support them can flourish. If you are interested in bringing our programs and creativity to your organization, please complete the following form.*


*Please note: due to limited capacity, priority will be given to Fort Worth zip codes serving historically under-resourced communities.

Hand Jives

Congratulations to Our Magic Potion Contest Winners!

Wow! We were in tears and stitches over the creativity and insightfulness of these creative writing entries.

However, there was no illusion: the competition was fierce. The 10 winning writers knocked our wands off as they concocted cocktails of cures for the world's most pressing problems. Our runners up included "Bully Be Gone" written by Jazlynn and "Anger Management" written by Marsi.

Oh, how we wish these potions really did exist!

We'd like to congratulate all 32 writing contestants, including the parents and adults who were so inspired by the prompt that they designed potions of their own. We agree, increased mental health support and eradicating the illusion of division sure sound like solutions only magic can cure. But, we believe that together we can accomplish great things.

We hope you enjoy learning from and celebrating these young writers as much as we did. My, what keen eyes they have!