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Free Consultation

A free 30-minute phone consultation is available to any new clients considering working with me.

The phone consultation is required for teen and young-adult clients to ensure coaching is a fit for their needs. Self-advocacy and agency is paramount, so this call is designed to confirm that teens and young adults understand coaching and choose to engage in co-creating a partnership. If the potential teen client is a minor, the consultation must occur with both the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the minor.


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One-to-One Coaching

60-minute sessions are offered virtually (or in person if local) for teens and young adults through Google Meets or phone. 

Includes 6 sessions: One 45-minute intake to establish expectations and goals for their coaching plan followed by five weekly pre-scheduled 60-minute coaching sessions. 

*New Client Package: $750 USD for 6 sessions

*Most clients are ready to proceed with self-coaching/post-coaching goal pursuit after completing 6-10 sessions. Existing clients may schedule individual boost sessions after concluding the full coaching plan at the rate of $120 per 60-minute session.


Writing Tutoring

When asked, most people (adults and youth alike) claim that they do not enjoy writing. It's boring, hard, and tedious, right?

Upon hearing this sentiment, my heart leaps with joy because I now have the chance to bring intrigue and enjoyment to the writing process for my clients. Nothing excites me more than taking a seemingly boring or complicated assignment and transforming it into something a student actually wants to do. And resume writing? Don't get me started! I absolutely DELIGHT in discovering and helping you write your best accomplishment stories. Weaving them together and presenting them to perspective employers can be an invigorating process and often successes and strengths surface that you didn't even know you had. Receiving messages from clients like, "I got the job!" is just icing on the cake.

Don't believe me?

Please do review feedback from previous clients and then, if you think I might be the right writing partner for you, schedule a time to hop on a call with me to ask questions.

I simply love a good brainstorming session when ideas are floating in the abstract and creativity begins to take flight. I enjoy modeling the research process for my clients, even if it includes combing through all of the rules of various formatting styles.

Tutoring takes place virtually (or in person if local) over 60-minute sessions for teens or young adults through Google Meets or phone. 

Hourly rate: $50 USD 

Mat and me

Writing is power. Period. Full stop.

The ability to write well is the power to shape your future, communicate your thoughts and feelings, persuade, heal, change false narratives, and write yourself into the world. My mission is to support you as we tease out your thoughts and knowledge through the writing process and amplify your unique voice.

You have important things to say. I want to help you say them.

Coaching Programs

For organizations, ISDs, or court referrals: A coaching program is tailored to specific outcomes desired by the organization or sponsoring/referring body. Programs integrate coaching, behavioral science expertise, and emergent learning to promote behavior change and skills development. Common outcome areas include social and emotional learning, literacy skills, stress and relationship management, emotional regulation and resilience building, academic and professional skills, etc.

$150 Hourly

Future Self

My Future Self:
Career Coaching

Storytellers for Life

Storytellers for Life:
Coaching for Kids

Despite All Odds

Despite All Odds:
Resiliency Coaching

ICF Credentialed Coach
Practicing evidence-based methods

Virtual and In-person Coaching
Meeting youth wherever they are

Certified Writing Tutor
Helping youth write themselves forward